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Our kennel is in a small town in Texas. It is located in the gorgeous Hill Country with scenery beyond belief! I was born here and promised myself when I had to leave that I would be back. I attended Southwest Texas State University and have degrees in Agriculture Education and Elementary Education. I am teaching 1st Grade and have done so for 23 years. I have three wonderful boys. Alex (24) graduated TSU (formally known as Southwest Texas State University) with a degree in Anthropology May, 2009. I was pretty excited that he wanted to go to “our” college! Shane, (20) is attending Tx A&M University and majoring in Wildlife Managment. Paul (16) is a Jr. in High School. My life evolves around my boys and my Aussies. We do a lot of sports as well as camping, fishing, hunting…not me! …and just enjoying life.


My love of the Australian Shepherd began in 1991. I wanted a breed that would be good with children and intelligent. The Aussie fit the bill. We purchased Aussie…what a play on words!…for my oldest son when he was 5 yrs. old. She was a red merle from the Slash V lines. She was EVERYTHING that we wanted and expected. She protected my boys and watched over them day and night. She passed away at age 12 in 2003. We still miss her very much!

We purchased another Aussie in 1995. Nike, a blue male, was also a dear companion for our family. He passed away at age 13. That was one of the saddest days of our lives. After having these two superior dogs, I decided that I wanted to look for something "show quality" in the Aussie breed. I got a call from Nike’s breeder saying that she had a really nice red merle bitch that would be show quality. I bought her and brought her home. I named her Snickers…Hidden Lane N Brenlee’s Candy. She too has surpassed all of my hopes for her. She was my first Champion in AKC and ASCA. This was my beginning into the show life. I now have 5 aussies that are either champions or being shown. Visit them on their page!

My family and teaching are top priorities for me and since I fear showing my own dogs, I decided a long time ago that I would need help with that end of my hobby. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Maggie Pryor. Not only was she a fabulous handler, she was a dear friend as well. Without her help with Snick, Drew, True and Surge....I would have never had the success that I now know. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to make my name and dogs known to the aussie world. She gave me my start and taught me how and why I needed to do things to keep going further. Thank you Maggie for opening many doors for me!

Brenlee Aussies is just a small hobby kennel for now, but my dream is to make it so much more. All great things don't happen overnight, so we will take it one day at a time. We will continue, as always, to strive to make the best better!

Come on in and visit! Let me know what you think of my dogs and my site!

Keep Smiling!

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